The expansion of the COVID-19 epidemic calls for collective responsibility and the implementation of all the necessary measures to combat its spread. For the reopening of certain activities, the cleaning of the hands is recommended at every entrance, for this reason RISTOPRO SRL is pleased to present you the new SANITATION LINE.


Are sanitizer gel stand, made of high quality stainless steel, the floor stand is designed to dispense alcohol based hand sanitizer, in 3 different dispensers:
Sanitizer gel stand with pump dispenser,      Sanitizer gel stand with push button dispenser,     Sanitizer gel stand with infra-red rays dispenser.



The freestanding sanitation station can be customized to suit your needs with many accessories, such as: glove holder and trash bin.




It is a truly modular product that you could compose according to your needs and modifiable at any time by simply ordering the alternative dispenser of your choice.



And when the current emergency is over, you will be left with a convenient stand holder or exhibition stand that will be easily adaptable to other needs, that Ristopro is currently putting into production other accessories, such as: cutlery holders, menu holders, bottle holders, cup holders, spice holder, bread holder, tray holder, ATM holder, sachet holder in addition to many other solutions suitable for everyone.


The sanitizer gel stand can be subject to technical, dimensional and design changes without prior notice.